Sat Nav POI Data for UK Truckers 


BridgeX Low Bridges

Truck and motorhome drivers plan their routes carefully to avoid low bridges. But if you're diverted from your planned route, you can find yourself in unknown territory very quickly.

There are thousands ofbridges of 16' or less in the UK, and 300+ in the London region alone. On average 5 bridges a day are hit and the trend is going up (source: Department for Transport).
BridgeX is a POI database for satellite navigation units, making a simple and low cost solution.

LoadX Weight and Width Restrictions


Weight or width restrictions can be imposed to prevent large vehicles from using inappropriate roads, routes and areas in order to reduce danger to pedestrians, prevent damage to roads and bridges, preserve the environment of an area, and manage congestion on the roads.

LoadX is a detailed database of more than 3000 weight and width restrictions in England, Scotland and Wales. It helps the driver to plan their route correctly before departure and provides alerts during the journey for weight and width restrictions on the route ahead.

TruckStops+ Cafe and Truck Stops

TruckStops+ is a detailed and up-to-date POI database of UK truck stops and roadside diners. It makes it easier for the driver to plan his time and itinerary.

Each truckstop includes the phone number and opening hours for the drivers' added convenience. Regular updates are free for subscribers and keep the information up to date.

TruckStops+ is a standard reference for truckers and an essential resource for the professional driver


Low Bridge Coverage